Let’s Get Looney Over Winter Break

Winter Break is almost here and we want to keep your students reading and having fun – looney fun! We now have more titles than ever before on myON: 7,600. And our list keeps growing.

For Winter Break we have created a great reading list. How many books can your students read? How much can they learn about snow, winter activities and Christmas around the world? It’s a perfect time to challenge your students to keep reading and find even more exciting books on myON.

Now the fun part (not that books aren’t fun). We’ve added Looney Toons Printables to myON. What are they? What do they do? Can kids print from home? How much do they cost?

First, these printables are pages of fun! Join Batman, the Super Friends, Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, or the Looney Toons gang explore the holidays and the winter season with coloring pages, matching challenges, math challenges, practice handwriting and more. They can be printed from The Future in Reading page see Winter Challenge. They can be printed as many times as you want – at school, at home, at Grandma’s house. Best of all…they’re free!

Tweet us at @myONReader and let us know if you like them. Warner Bros. has generously supplied these fun activity sheets and has many more scheduled to complete the calendar year.

So before your students rush home for Winter Break, make sure you show them how to find these fun printables and don’t forget the Holiday Reading List!

Happy Holidays,

Your myON Team