Plan your myON Reading Road Trip Challenge!


Reading Road Trip

At the start of any road trip there is planning, scoping out the map, packing your suitcase, making sure you have snacks along the way, then finally packing the car and beginning your adventure.  To me road trips are a wonderful way to bond with your group and have a new experience.


Well, if you are taking the Reading Road Trip Challenge with your class we’ve already done some of the planning for you. Now it is your turn to map out the country with your students, print out their cars and maps, maybe have some snacks on hand peanuts from Georgia, oranges from Florida, chocolate from Pennsylvania, or even music from Tennessee.


To help you map out the country and to get to know some famous places in the US, our friends at Flowerpot Press are adding 2 great books to all myON subscriptions until the end of December. As a special bonus I encourage you to read All Around America and Amazing America. Hopefully, these books will inspire your students on their Reading Road Trip.


We have lots of fun ideas already planned in our Reading Road Trip Toolkit. And it includes some great ideas for family involvement. So sit back, enjoy the scenery and Amazing America.


James Patterson joins myON & National Book Talk 4 pm EST/3 pm CST

Treasure Hunters-2 BANNER for TFIRWe are so excited about tomorrow and our first ever National Book Talk featuring the one & only James Patterson! Set your alarms, man your computers and tune into Education Talk Radio Online! (It will be archived for anyone that might miss it!)

Don’t forget if you have questions for Mr. James Patterson – tweet them to  @myONreader & use #treasurehunters as the hashtag!

I also wanted to thank a VIS (Very Important Student) & friend of myON, Miss Mckenzie C., a current 5th grader at Walden Lake Elementary!  She read the books and has graciously shared her review of the book Treasure Hunters! Thanks McKenzie!

What kid isn’t a fan of James Patterson’s books?  They are the coolest books ever!  Something even cooler is that his latest and greatest book, Treasure Hunters, was on myON this summer.  So my Mom lucked out and didn’t have to listen to me beg for this new book to read!  How cool?!! 

Let me tell you a bit about this book – but not too much – I’d hate to spoil it for you.  Treasure Hunters is about the Kidd family.  Traveling the world with their famous parents as part of their family treasure hunting business.  Bick, Beck, Storm and Tommy have all grown-up diving and going down to shipwrecks.    At the bottom of the ocean they have helped their parents find gold, swords, doubloons and so much more.  They wouldn’t trade living on a boat on the seas for anything.  But when their mom is captured and their dad disappears in a storm, their lives get a little crazy!  If they are going to find their parents Bick, Beck, Storm and Tommy will have to defeat pirates and keep their weird untrustworthy Uncle at bay.  This is one crazy voyage with lots of laughs along the way.  Anyone who likes adventures, mysteries and excitement has go to read this book!  I can’t wait for the next one.

Makenzie C. – 10 years old and a 5th grader at Walden Lake Elementary