Congratulations to the Callahan Community Center Readers for Enhancing Their Reading on myON!

We are always excited to hear from our customers about how they are implementing myON in their schools and we encourage them to write to us about their success! We want to thank Katrina Summerville from Orange County Public Schools for sharing your myON story with our blog community!

The Orlando County Public School district passes around a traveling trophy each week for the weekly reading contest winners.  It was recently passed to the Dr. J.B. Callahan Neighborhood Community Center for their impressive amount of reading on myON.  In one week, check out what the members of the community center were able to do:

3,483 minutes
395 books finished

Congratulations to every student that partook in this impressive achievement.  If this data is from only one week, imagine what they can do in one year!  Way to go! And shout out to center manager Mr. Joe Ceasar for facilitating this wonderful environment for students to read, learn and grow.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 1.20.58 PM

This weekly competition is a great way to implement myON over the summer to get students motivated to read! No summer slide happening here!

Here are a few of the other community centers that were close behind:

-John H. Jackson: came in a close second with 328 books read and 3,073 minutes spent reading
-Rosemont Community Center: 201 books read and 1,639 minutes spent reading
-Dr. James R. Smith Neighborhood Center: 247 books read and 2,008 minutes spent reading.


myON’s All Star Booklist

Hi Everyone,
My name is Elizabeth Zilverberg and I am an intern here at myON. During the school year I will be a senior at Arizona State University but over the summer I get the privilege of working at myON. It is my second summer as a marketing intern and it just keeps getting better! This summer, as a part of my intern responsibilities, I will be facilitating the myON minute. I hope you enjoy my first post!

We are doing another Throw Back Thursday! Does #tbt count if the #tbt event took place only two nights ago? Probably not but either way, I am doing a throwback… all the way back to Tuesday night’s All Star Game.

The All Star Game is a night that baseball fans look forward to all year! This game was especially fun for us Minnesotans because it was in our backyard. It was an entertaining night with the American League winning 5-3 over the National League and Derek Jeter taking his final step onto the All Star field while millions of fans looked on with admiration and respect for one of the greatest shortstops of all time.

There are some huge baseball fans in the myON office that were excited about the All Star Game and all the baseball talk got me to wondering more about baseball. I figured that the myON platform would have tons of books about baseball where I could learn more about the history of the sport, and it did.

Did you know:
-the song “Take Me Out to the ball Game” was written all the way back in 1908? And even though it is over 100 years old, we still sing it during the seventh inning stretch at every ball game.
-the Great Bambino, Babe Ruth, hit 54 home runs in his 1920 season with the Yankees, which was more than almost every other team’s total home run season count? He also had 714 career home runs, crushing the previous career home run record holder by 576 home runs!!
-that each base in baseball is distanced exactly 90 feet apart from each other to form a perfect square surrounding the pitchers mound?

I learned all of these fun facts and more on myON in DK Eyewitness’ book titled “Baseball”. I recommend checking out this book because I was thoroughly entertained and informed, and your students will be too. Now when we are talking about baseball around the myON office I will be able to let everyone know some fun facts!

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 1.57.05 PM

 More than 7,000 titles are on myON, so there is something for everyone. Knowing that 70% of myON’s books are nonfiction, I turned to myON for some baseball history help and it did not disappoint. With all these amazing books, myON really does have an All Star Booklist!

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 1.52.09 PM

New Webinar! myON and Your Curriculum: The Perfect Alignment

Join Lynnette Brent and innovative educators from Valdosta City Schools, Valdosta, GA, in the upcoming webinar “myON and Your Curriculum: The Perfect Alignment”.  The webinar will take place on July 24th at 1:00 pm CST.

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myON is the only literacy program available today that creates individual recommended book lists for students based on their specific interests and their reading levels, assuring measurable growth in student readers. But myON is not only an individualized reading platform, myON is also a rich resource of supplemental texts for your curriculum.

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What to Read for the 4th?

Sure, we’ll all be lounging lakeside eating s’mores and watching Wimbledon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get some quality reading and learning in over the 4th of July holiday. While you’re vacationing, log in to myON (lest you neglect your progress in the myMAGICALsummer reading contest!) and get a good dose of history before you head back to the boat.

4th of july

Here are some books to try over the holiday:

  • The First Independence Day Celebration
  • Red White, and  Blue and Katie Woo!
  • Celebrations Around the World
  • Indoor S’mores: And Other Tasty Treats for Special Occasions

Read on and Happy 4th of July from the myON Team!