Guest Post: Acquisitions Manager Nancy Stetzinger on meeting James Patterson

My job can be very exciting as I work to add new titles to myON. I get to meet people from many different publishers, including authors. But when Lynn WAlker (Marketing Manager for myON) and I were about to meet James Patterson, we were shaking in our boots!

How do you prepare to meet James Patterson? I’ve read so many of his books–I was so intimidated to actually be able to meet him! And what did we find? He was no nonsense and right to the point: “Does myON get kids reading? Do you have good books for kids to read? If so, I’m in.” How wonderful is that? We had those goals in common.

And what does this mean? James Patterson and his publisher, Little, Brown have made his new book Treasure Hunters available for all kids to read this summer. They have included a very fun activity sheet that is downloadable, too!

Read Treasure Hunters with your friends and families this summer. Watch the video, send us questions and tune in this fall for a Book Talk with James Patterson. Talk about the gold at the end of the rainbow!

Let’s show James Patterson the power of students reading on myON!

A Major myON Announcement

treasure hunters

How’s your magical summer of reading going? If you have yet to find the magic in the more than 7,000 titles on myON, surely you’ll be on your way once you hear this good news. James Patterson–author, philanthropist and creator of–has partnered with myON to offer special access to his new book Treasure Hunters!

Treasure Hunters  is recommended for kids in grades 3-7. It tells the adventure of the Kidd family as they embark on a quest for treasure. We are thrilled to bring you the work of such a well-known and talented author, and we are thrilled to partner with Mr. Patterson as we both work to encourage students and families to read together over the summer!

While you join the treasure hunt with the Kidd family, you’ll surely succeed in the treasure hunt for knowledge and literary growth this summer! Read on, everyone.

As always, for more information, please visit our website.

The Importance of Parents as Primary Educators

This post is a follow up to my post about the adult ESL Family Literacy class at Fruitvale Elementary School (Oakland Unified School District).

Suzanne Ludlum teaches the Adult ESL/Family Literacy class at Esperanza Elementary (also within Oakland Unified School District). Suzanne also hosts a myON family training class, and she recently shared the following photos and comments with us. Thank you, Suzanne!


This is Margarita, a mom who is practicing her English with myON in this photo. She will be returning to Mexico soon, but she will be trying to use myON from there–as she and her six-year-old daughter really love the program.


Haley is two years old and is reading with her mom Karen. Haley needed to sit with her mom in order to focus on the reading. Karen was using reading strategies that were taught in the class, such as asking question, making predictions and making connections. For example, Ms. Ludlum says a connection would be something like: “Is your shirt “pink”–pointing at the pink crayon.

Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing these wonderful stories from your family literacy class! 

Going to ISTE? Go myON, go GoPro!

Are you attending the 2014 ISTE conference in Atlanta?

Visit the myON booth for an exciting social media opportunity. Socialize correctly and you’ll be entered to win a GoPro! 

Here’s the scoop:

  • Visit our booth #2148
  • Choose a thought bubble that explains why you and your students read on myON and pose for a photo op
  • Follow us on Twitter (@myonreader) and retweet the photo
  • We’ll enter your name to win a GoPro! camera.

We look forward to discussing your digital literacy initiatives with you  at ISTE. Talk to you on Twitter, techies!

Don’t forget to use our hashtag  #myONISTE14 ! 

Guest Post: Lia, 5th Grade Student, Komensky Elementary School

How myON Helps Me

Hi. I am Lia, a fifth grade student at Komensky School in Berwyn, IL. myON helps me because when I want to search about a topic, I go to text search and I find a book I might need. It’s easy and siple. Like today, we were working on inventors. We used an App called Blendspace that had myON linked to it as a resource.

We do lots of projects! Recently, we just finished our Wax Museum project. Lots of my classmates couldn’t find a biography in our library, but they were able to find one in the digital myON library. Our teacher can also assign books to help us, too!

I use myON for fun times outside of school, too! I love the feature of the auto read, because I only read by myself at home, so it’s nice to have another voice reading to you. The dictionary is also very helpful if you don’t know a word in one of the stories.

Those are just some of the reasons how myON helps me at home and at school.

Thanks, Lia! 

From San Luis Coastal…Starting a Summer Pilot

Thank you to Sharon Haupt, District Librarian of San Luis Coastal Unified School District, and Jennifer Dinielli, Principal of Baywood Elementary, for sharing this great note.

San Luis Coastal USD is participating in a summer pilot of myON. Principal Dinielli shared the following note:

“Today, I walked in to the lab when our kids we red doing their myON interest inventory, Lexile assessment and taking a look at how it works, reading books, etc. All I can say is: myON is going to be awesome!

Here is what I saw:

One student searched for horses and got a selection of literature and informational text on horses to choose from–all in her reading range. Another student was reading text with audio support. I put on her headset and the voice sounded natural with intonation and expression! (No computerized voice.)

As I was looking at another child’s ‘backpack’, she had a whole selection of historical texts that matched her interest.

This afternoon in our staff meeting, we watched the tutorial together. We were excited to learn that students are given a mini assessment after they have read 5 books or done 2 hours of reading (but not more often than every two weeks) and their backpack is adjusted accordingly. Students can monitor their own learning: the number of books they’ve read, time spent reading, Lexile level–and they can adjust their interest inventory as they wish. Teachers can make a book list for students to read and students can search for text on topics.

Our teachers are also excited to use these books through their teacher login for a read aloud. Thank you for selecting us as a pilot school! We are very excited!”

A huge shout out to Principal Dinielli and District Librarian Sharon Haupt. Read on!